Friday, May 21, 2010

New Look

Did you know that Blogger in draft gives you a whole variety of options to customize the look of your blog while still working with templates? It's amazing what you can achieve with a bit of time - and enough patience to apply the "trial and error" method... Well, I had fun and like the new look of my blog so much better. I am inserting a screen shot of the old look below and would love to hear your opinion. Thanks, Tanja

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Welcome to the LCS Elementary Library

This is my first project on VoiceThread and while it is still "work in progress", I am amazed how easy it was to embed it into my wiki and into this blog - and how much fun it is working with Voicethread. I can just see how students will enjoy commenting on their own work or the work of peers. Great fun!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dewey Decimal Classification System - The Library Sorting Game

Check out this SlideShare Presentation (unfortunately, it comes without the animations I had built in - my students had a lot of fun with it in class because they were able to do the sorting themselves).

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bead Making In Ghana

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tanja's World

Since I have not been able to put up any posts yet, I decided to share at least a few snapshots from my current working and learning environment.

(P.S. In case you are wondering: this slideshow was created with Picasa which makes adding any web album to your Blogger blog really easy - it's basically just one click. Look out for the Blogger icon on the right side of your Picasa web album screen.)